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Groundbreaking Innovation.

Transforming nutrition and wellness takes more than ideas. It requires a unique combination of knowledge, skills, and execution that allows you to adapt, innovate and respond with the speed our $275 billion marketplace demands.

Innovation is Our Focus

The combination of local, agile R&D teams with the most respected science minds provides our customers with a unique ingredient, product, and packaging innovation, driving maximum product velocity.


Our process begins by understanding the opportunity at hand, the competitive product landscape, and the latest industry and science trends.

Customer Assessment

Our expert team works with you to intimately understand your needs and desired outcomes.

Competitive Market Scan

INW scans the market to understand competitors’ products and where the opportunities exist.

Trend Analysis

We stay at the forefront of product development with the latest science and industry knowledge.


Utilizing our breadth of experience and scientific expertise, INW lays the groundwork for innovation by exploring the different components and inputs that will combine to differentiate your product in the marketplace.


By understanding the properties and interactions of various ingredients, we can achieve the desired functional benefits.


We put our expertise to work to create breakthrough product formulations, delivering unique solutions to fit our clients' needs.


INW keeps you up to date on the latest-and-greatest innovations in packaging and can help you discover savings along the way.

Delivery Systems

We differentiate ourselves by being uniquely flexible in delivering products in a wide range of forms — from shakes to gel packs, shots, liquid capsules, and more.


INW uses state-of-the-art technology throughout its product formulation and manufacturing processes to deliver best-in-class outcomes.

Intellectual Property

We leverage our experience in developing proprietary ingredient formulations to protect and defend our breakthrough innovations.


INW formulates and commercializes your new product, including providing appropriate marketing claims and production plans to support your go-to-market strategy.


Building upon innovation research, our team brainstorms, iterates, and develops an array of solutions designed to achieve the client's desired outcomes.

Prototyping & Testing

Our R+D teams begin work in the lab to formulate initial prototyping batches and testing for efficacy and quality as they seek to identify the ideal formula to commercialize.


We take the approved go-to-market formula and desired packaging and develop manufacturing plans to scale runs to meet market needs. Additionally, we offer assistance designing and executing clinical trials.

Service is Our Passion

Our call to service gives you a unique ability to help people live healthier lives — and transform markets. You come to INW with outcomes in mind: improving athletic performance, getting more energy, or losing weight. Those solutions don’t get off the drawing board and into the marketplace on science alone. Bringing them to life demands a precise understanding of customer behavior, regulatory requirements, production, supply chain and beyond.